Wednesday, 26 October 2011

DIY : Cushions

For my first post, I am going to make new cushions since my existing ones are begging for their lives. 

(this is what they look like without their covers)
Thus, the new cushions are made from remnant fabric that I had from making pillowcases. The fabric that I have is just plain cotton fabric, RM2 per meter that I bought in Kamdar. 

The simple steps for making cushions are :

1) Measure the fabric to be a 16" x 16" square. You'll need 2 pieces of these. You can adjust the size as needed since all my covers are this size.

2) Cut the square that you have just measured. Make sure that the right sides are facing together  , so that you will be sewing on the wrong sides.

3) Sew along the red line around the 4 edges and leave a gap just enough for your hand to go through to fill your new cushions with whatever filling that you have.

4) Snip along the blue line to have nice pointy corners.

5) Turn your cushions inside-out & start filling.

6) Once you have achieved desired fluffiness, hand-stitch the small gap closed.

(In this pic, the small gap hasn't been closed yet..)
There you go, new cushions for you to admire. Happy Deepavali to all & enjoy your public holiday.

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