Monday, 5 December 2011

Fabric Madness Friday

GorRRRrrrr!11!!!!!!...Friday was such an unproductive day. Considering it was wet, splashy and cloudy my coll. & I decided to go for retail therapy. Where else do working women go on Fridays when the men are off for their weekly prayers? Jalan TAR la mana lagi.

So I splurged on kain batik sarung and also some polka-dot madness viscose cotton. Maybe I'm going to turn the batik into skirt & dresses for girls (even myself...haha). And for the oh so cute cotton, probably I'm going to turn one into baju kurung and the rest into something like Simplicity 2023 or 1972. Will be posting the end projects once I get my new machines =)

Enjoy the pics of my splurge!

I like the old skoolness of the 2 right pairs

Yummy Polka-dots!!

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