Friday, 30 December 2011

I made : Easy Linen Shirt (it's pink!!)

So as part of my commitment to sew something for each day that I'm on leave, I give you the Easy Linen Shirt from the Sewing for Boys book that I bought earlier this month.

Tadaaa!! Pink Linen Shirt
The pattern itself was simple to trace and simple to put together. I kinda struggled at the sleeve attachment and also the collar. But I still think it turned out great. My son couldn't wait to put it on just as soon as I finished sewing it.




My only beef was that the neck opening is a bit low for my son..but that can wait until the next time he needs a new shirt. I'm gonna try out the Sweetheart Pj's using a camouflage print. Gonna have my finger's crossed that it'll turn out okay.

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