Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I made : Basic Kid Pants

Since I am on a week long holiday, I decided to do one project each day. Turns out I'm such a procrastinator hehehe...however I am saved by this free tutorial and pattern for a pair of basic kid pants from Dana Made It.
The post was made in 2008 but it is still going strong! Thanks Dana!!

my son being the ever wonderful model
I made the pants using my husband's khakis that he can no longer wear since the seams were already worn down. Right now I am planning to make this version in denim & enlarging it around the waist & bottom area since my son is using cloth diapers. It's a snug fit currently but he seems to be enjoying himself. More pics for you to enjoy.

Cute little pot belly!

Mom stop taking my pics! I wanna plaaayyy

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