Sunday, 11 December 2011

New Sewing Machines!!!!!~~~!!!

Yeayyyyyyy...Finally got my new sewing machines...both are from Singer. Probably now I should change the name of this blog to MesinJahitBaru ( Translation : New sewing machine) instead of MesinJahitLama (Translation : Old Sewing Machine).

My old sewing partner is the Singer treadle model 15-K.

See..peeled's really old
Actually I really like using this treadle. It's very simple & straightforward...does magnificent stitches..doesn't complain when I use it long just have to oil it after use and make sure that it's relatively clean.
I would certainly recommend everybody to get their hands on one of these babies.

ANywayssss, my new toys are pictured below. I can't seem to keep my hands off them both. I got one serger and one portable sewing machine that could stitch other than a straight line (Sorry 15-K!). Enjoice!

My new Serger (4 thread model..yum!!)
Confidence! Now I am more confident to sew =)

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