Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Breakfast Mania : A list for the whole week

Since I am on my week long break & also a request from my husband, I will be sharing a list of what I plan to make for breakfast for this whole week. Here goes :

Tuesday (27/12) - Egg sandwich Hot Milo
Wednesday (28/12) - Bread with Beef & Potato curry  Kaya & Butter + Hot Milo (again)
Thursday (29/12) - Fried rice with mushroom omelette
Friday (30/12) - French toast
Saturday (31/12) - Anchovies fritters
Sunday (1/1) - Fried meehoon with prawns
Monday (2/1) - Nasi Lemak with dried prawn sambal

All items are subject to availability (and also depend on how early I wake up). Wish me luck!

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